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CF cheaply cheapness CIF club together constructive total loss cost a bundle cost of living cost out damage direct discount brokerage dollar store dutch treat economy class entrance fee equilibrium price expense expensiveness extraordinary expense fair price fairness opinion fee fix the price fixed price fixed-price fixed-price menu flat fee floor price free admission free of charge.
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This field has been dormant for several decades and it was amazing to see how in a very short time a very active community formed due to the COST activities: the conferences, work meetings, and the short-term scientific missions. The COST Action and the interaction with other COST members have contributed significantly to my own research.
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additional/average/extra cost The average cost of insuring a family car in 2011 was 360. estimated/projected cost Total projected cost is 2.5 billion. cover/pay/meet the cost A one-off disposal fee covers the cost of collection and recycling. at a cost of 4 billion/150000, etc.
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Types of accounting costs edit. Main articles: accounting cost, opportunity cost, historical cost, marginal cost, sunk cost, and transaction cost. In accounting, costs are the monetary value of expenditures for supplies, services, labor, products, equipment and other items purchased for use by a business or other accounting entity.
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Cost effective also cost effective attested from 1967. Example Sentences for cost. It'll' cost him more than he'll' ever get from my miserly uncle to repair it. But the result was achieved only at a cost which the little party could ill sustain.
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EN: at all cost s NL: tot elke prijs. EN: count the cost NL: de voordelen en nadelen overwegen. EN: I know it to my cost NL: ik heb leergeld betaald. EN: it cost him dearly NL: het kwam hem duur te staan.
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true interest cost TIC. statistical cost estimating. net interest cost. Browse Dictionary by Letter: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.

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