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Mediation costs
During the search and finding of a room in Groningen it can occur that you as a tenant have to pay so called mediation costs sometimes called contract costs or service costs. In many cases these costs are unjustified and reclaimable.
costs / expenses / expenditure Schrijfhulp Engels The Language Lab.
Uw vaste, regelmatige uitgaven, juridische kosten en kosten voor bijvoorbeeld administratie worden in het Engels met het woord costs aangeduid: legal costs, postage costs, production costs. De vaak eenmalige kosten voor reizen, dineren of het vermaken van zakelijke relaties, heten expenses: travel expenses, entertainment expenses.
Future costs, fixed health care budgets, and the decision rules of cost-effectiveness analysis Netspar.
Although there has been much debate regarding the question to which extent future costs should be included from a societal perspective, the appropriate role of future medical costs in the widely adopted but more narrow healthcare perspective has been neglected.
COST Vertaling Engels-Nederlands.
costs noun plural. the expenses of a legal case: He won his case and was awarded costs of 500. at all costs. no matter what the cost or outcome may be: We must prevent disaster at all costs. tot elke prijs.
costs Vertaling Engels-Nederlands.
costs of collection. costs of current maintenance. costs of dressings. costs of fitting. costs of impressions. costs of increasing capital. costs of labour. costs of maintenance. costs of operating theatre. costs of ownership transfer. costs of plaster room. ENNL: intransitive verb.
Costs and cost prices, profit by product Opleidingen.
Following this training will enable you to.: get a clear understanding of all types of costs, how these are influenced and how they influence the overall results. manage costs budget better and be able to keep costs under control in line with such budgets.
Costs and benefits of smoking Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde.
Two recent societal costbenefit analyses have documented the costs of smoking and the cost-effectiveness of preventing smoking. Smoking costs the Netherlands society EUR 33 billion per year. The majority of this is the monetary value of health loss; these are soft euros that cannot be re-spent.
Tuition fees and costs Master Conflict Resolution and Governance Universiteit van Amsterdam.
In addition to your tuition fees, you will need to include a number of other study costs in your budget, such as books, stationary, excursions, a laptop or other equipment. These costs vary per programme but academic books and study materials will usually cost you between 50-100 per month.
Agency kosten Agency cost Definitie, uitleg en voorbeeld.
Meckling, Theory of the firm Managerial behavior, agency costs and ownership structure, in: Journal of Financial Economics, vol. Scholto Bos 2018-05-21T1512270000: Categorie: Economie Tags: A, Micro-economie. Voor wie geen roze bril, maar helderheid over geldzaken wil. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google Pinterest.

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