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Workshop on the evaluation of the Regulation for tiered pricing of medicines EC 953/2003 Europa Nu. r. google-plus. facebook. twitter. linkedin2. nujij. Monitor Nieuwsbrief. pdclogo. pdclogo. man met tas. twitter. boek. Twitter. Facebook. Linkedin. Twitte
The provisional results of a study evaluating the functioning of Regulation 953/2003 on tiered pricing will be discussed at this workshop. The Regulation intended to increase the availability of pharmaceuticals for the treatment of HIV/AIDs, tuberculosis and malaria in the poorest countries.
IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud Pricing Netherlands.
IBM Decision Optimization for Watson Studio. IBM Decision Optimization for Watson Studio is an optimization software that allows data science teams to combine optimization with machine learning techniques to help make optimal business decisions. Easily build optimization models and solve using powerful CPLEX solvers.
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Hi, How much do you charge for WiFi?
WiFi is charged at GBP 5.00 per 24 hours, payable by card once you log in. There is tiered pricing available also for multiple night purchases. meer dan een jaar geleden Problemen met dit antwoord? Voeg jouw antwoord toe. Antwoorden Richtlijnen voor postings.
Hoe manage je de impact van BEPS op transfer pricing? Grant Thornton.
Download het rapport Tax control: geen simpel spel anno 2016. Charles Marais, Head of Transfer pricing, en Jin Chen, Senior Transfer pricing advisor werken in nauw overleg samen met de wereldwijde transfer pricing specialisten van Grant Thornton samen aan het in kaart brengen van potentiƫle transfer pricing risicos bij organisaties en het opstellen van robuust transfer pricing beleid.
tiered prices Vertaling naar Nederlands voorbeelden Engels Reverso Context.
whereas to prevent trade diversion into EU market of pharmaceuticals sold ad tiered prices in developing countries, the Council adopted an innovative legal instrument to incentivise the pharmaceutical industry to sign up to tiered" pricing., overwegende dat de Raad ter voorkoming van verlegging van de handel naar de Europese markt van geneesmiddelen die tegen gedifferentieerde prijzen in ontwikkelingslanden zijn verkocht een innoverend wetsinstrument heeft aangenomen om de farmaceutische industrie te stimuleren de gedifferentieerde" prijsstelling" toe te passen.,
tiered pricing Nederlandse vertaling bab.la Engels-Nederlands woordenboek.
tiered" pricing" vertaling Nederlands. Zie voorbeeldzinnen voor gebruik van tiered" pricing" in de context. Vergelijkbare vertalingen voor tiered" pricing" in Nederlands. tier zelfstandig naamwoord. pricing zelfstandig naamwoord. to price werkwoord. price zelfstandig naamwoord. Voorbeeldzinnen voor tiered" pricing" in het Nederlands.
Display prices in webshop Odoo.
This handles tiered pricing for the pricelist backend. I believe there was some discussion about a module for OCA/OCB github.com/oca, however i'm' not sure whether this has progressed since I last checked. As soon as there is an OCA/OCB module, or the PR is accepted into the main Odoo repository I will be building a module to place the tiered pricing on the product page in website_sale module.
The Leader in Trouble Ticket Software Zendesk.
Open source trouble ticket software, and even scaled-down freemium models of more robust, paid trouble ticket software, are popular choices for their low cost, but typically offer limited functionality and support. Innovative, modern companies today instead harness the low cost of cloud-based trouble ticket systems, which often have tiered pricing models, guaranteed security, and access to support when you need it.

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