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dict.cc purchase English Dictionary.
Translation 1 50 of 300. a purchase purchases. to purchase purchased purchased purchasing purchases. to buy to purchase leverage. to buy to purchase. to purchase sth. to purchase sth. to purchase sth. to purchase sth. to purchase sth. to purchase sth.
purchase Vertaling Engels-Nederlands.
EN: he sold it at 20 years purchase NL: hij verkocht het tegen 20 keer de jaarlijkse huuropbrengst. EN: life is not worth an hour's' purchase NL: men is nooit zeker van zijn leven. EN: I've' made some purchase s NL: ik heb wat inkopen gedaan.
purchase englannista suomeksi Sanakirja.org englanti-suomi.
They offer a free hamburger with the purchase of a drink. He was pleased with his latest purchase. It is hard to get purchase on a nail without a pry bar or hammer. that loves the thing he cannot purchase.
purchase English-Spanish Dictionary WordReference.com.
Collocations: purchase a new car, house, a good, bad, smart, cheap, reasonable purchase, the purchase price, method, terms, more. Forum discussions with the words purchase" in the title.: acquisition award purchase. adjusted for inflation / aggregate purchase price financial. Adquirir Purchase / acquire.
purchase vertaling Engels Nederlands.
I need to buy stamps. Ik moet postzegels kopen. to acquire, to buy, to purchase ww. I purchase you purchase we purchase. ik koop aan jij koopt aan wij kopen aan meer vervoegingen van aankopen. acquisition, purchase zn. Gerelateerd aan purchase.
purchase Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Content is immediately available for purchase and downloading by users. Non-residents are not permitted to purchase land in the province in excess of without approval from the cabinet. He eventually makes the grandest purchase of all: a new set of parents!
purchase Nederlandse vertaling bab.la Engels-Nederlands woordenboek.
Bij de transactie was er iets misgegaan: van het geld dat hij had overhandigd was onterecht een bepaald bedrag afgetrokken. English When consumers purchase and consume this product, they must be able to recognize clearly that it is a composite drink.
to purchase vertaling, synoniemen en vervoegingen.
to buy, to take over. I am purchasing. you are purchasing. he/she/it is purchasing. we are purchasing. you are purchasing. they are purchasing. alle vervoegingen van to purchase Vertaling. afnemen, kopen, aankopen, inkopen, aanschaffen, overnemen. kaufen, sich kaufen, einkaufen, abkaufen, erstehen.
Purchase in het Nederlands vertaald uit het Engels.
purchase aanschaffen, aankopen, verwerven, bekomen, winnen, afkopen, nastreven, kopen, waard, inkopen. purchase inkoop, aankoop, koop, aanschaf, afname, overname, gekochte, kopen, afnemen, aankopen, inkopen, aanschaffen, overnemen, buitmaken, behalen, verkrijgen, verwerven. Uitgebreide vertaling voor purchase Engels in het Nederlands. purchase the zelfstandig naamwoord.

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